A bride and groom kiss on the beach at sunset.

I also provide Wedding Photography services.

I generally work with other photographers covering the Groom's House in the morning and the Guest Photography at the Hotel.

But I do cover my own weddings, and I am available is someone is sick on a wedding day. (It does happen).

I am available for periods from 3 hours
to 14 Hours to cover a wedding day.

Most people are happy with the Edited and Enhanced Digital Images of their Wedding.

Albums have become expensive in recent years and do take time to design, approve and print.

Contact me with your date and expectations.


The minimum time for a Wedding is 3 Hours
Cost will be €490 for DIgital Edited Photos, Gallery, and a selection of 6"x8" Prints.
Albums are going to be €600 for a decent album and parents album

This is a description of a typical wedding and the issues that can arise during a wedding day.

It also gives you an ides of what an album can look like and how the photogrpaher can attempt to tell a story of a wedding day.


Frequently Asked Questions