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We have a variety of services. We simply take photos, print onSite, and create a Digital Gallery for Guest Downloading. We have a variety of Backgrounds available and we can work to your specifications

Typical Hotel Setup

This is a setup we used a lot before the pandemic. Since then we are using Flowerwalls, Greenscreen and other backgrounds. We also like to use a nice location in the venue as backdround.
Vintage Wheels

Photos and Descriptions

A quick look at some of our photos and backgrounds
A man holding a woman.

An Cailín Álainn

Love this photo for a load of reasons. This is an example where guests, when given an opportuinity, get their creative thinking hat on, and make something personal to themselves.
A man and a woman playing a piano.

Piano Man

This is in the Broadhaven Bay Hotel in Co. Mayo. We used the piano as the prop for the Studiobooth. I will put a few more up so you can see how we made the most of the prop. Also nice creative lighting as well. Again, no props, just the piano.
A group of people posing for a picture next to a piano.

Piano with Group

Again, using the piano as the main prop for the Guest Studiobooth. We took the photos after dinner and got through 200 Guests in 3 hours. We also printed photos as well and gave them to the guests.
A man and woman posing in front of a photobooth.

Flower Wall Couple

We have a selection of Flower Wall options. The Pink Flowerwall. We have a White/Cream one and a Green One. Just note, they do not go all they way to the ground as I wanted to make them fit into a smaller van.
Vintage Wheels

Photos and Descriptions

A quick look at some of our photos and backgrounds
A woman in a red dress standing next to a flower arrangement in Clare.

Mo Chailín Álainn

This was at a small wedding, and we simply made a simple setup beside the dance floor and photographed and printed there and then. Nice setup.
A bride and groom posing in front of balloons at their Galway event.

Balloon Backdrop

This is an example of a backgrop provided by the Flower Supplier. The solid background is resused and the Balloons are used just once. Its a great look.
Two men posing with their cameras in front of a blue backdrop at a photo booth.

Photographers in Action

This is a Blue Sequin Backdrop with two real photographers who were covering the wedding.
A man and woman posing for a photo at an event photobooth.

Social Dancing

This was taken at a social dancing competition. Its a Red/Pinkish Sequen Background
Vintage Wheels

Photos and Descriptions

A quick look at some of our photos and backgrounds
Clare and her friends posing for a photo at an event near the photobooth.


I do have a selection of props. The only think I will say about props is that it can slow down the volumn of photos taken if you are having a wedding larger than 200. What I usually do is not have props for the first 90mins and get all the normal portraits done, and then have some props then available.
A group of women posing for a photo in front of a photobooth.

All the Girls

Here with a large group of friends, we print one for each lady. That is fairest thing to do. Also they are give a QR Code to link to the Gallery where then can download their photos.
A man and woman standing in front of a piano at a mayo event

Black and White

I do have a Glamour Black and White Service available, ask for details, and we can also print Black and White as well. At this wedding, we printed all the photos at this piano B&W as it was a Christmas Wedding, and Casablanca just happened to be a favorite of the Bride.
A bride and groom celebrating their wedding reception with a photobooth.

First Dance

If your photographer is gone home for the First Dance, we can take the First Dance photos for you.
Vintage Wheels

Corporate Sports Events

A quick look at some of our photos and backgrounds
A group of men standing in front of a Christmas tree in Galway.

Virgo, Van Barneveld & Williams

A Great event with three legends. John Virgo, Raymond Van Barneveld and Mark Williams in Galway. All the guests had their photo taken with the group and we printed a 10"x8" photo, personally signed by each of the Sports Celebs.
A group of men from Mayo posing for a photo in front of a dart board.

Former World Champ & Friends

This was a charity event with 4 top players, including the World Champ (2023) Michael Smith, Nathan Aspinall, Ricky Evans and William O'Connor
Clare and Mayo residents posing for a photo in front of a flag at an event.

Ray Houghton

Ray turns up around the country tells his stories from his Irish Soccer Team days. He answers questions and, gives advice, and tells really good jokes about his football career.
Two men from Galway and Mayo shaking hands at a snooker tournament.

Jimmy White

Jimmy likes to get out on tour and play pool tounaments. I have seen him play 30 games in a night for charity and gives is competition a good run for their money.

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